OakBend Emergency Room Nurse

OakBend Emergency Room Nurse Receives Advanced Certification

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William (Bill) Hamlyn, one of OakBend Medical Center’s ER nurses, has received his advanced certification as a Trauma Certified ER Nurse. While there are more than 33,000 Certified Emergency Nurses in the United States, there are less than 2,000 Trauma Certified Emergency Nurses.

The three-month long training and testing to receive the certification was intense, and Hamlyn’s real-life experiences played a role in the certification process. In case of an emergency medical situation, trauma nurses are the first healthcare professionals that give patients medical assistance. Trauma nurses are usually found in emergency rooms in hospitals and clinics, and are trained to treat trauma patients suffering from injuries and illnesses. The main responsibility of a trauma nurse is to stabilize the condition of a patient as quickly as possible. The Board of Certified Emergency Nurses issues this certification to those that are trained to understand all aspects of trauma care. It shows that the nurse understands and has reached the pinnacle of knowledge.

Bill is located at OakBend’s Grand Parkway Emergency Room. According to Hamlyn, “This certification represents a life-long goal for me. I am proud to have this certification, it means that I can give my patients the best possible care and I can help with all aspects of trauma care. I even encourage my co-workers to get their own certifications so that we all have the best knowledge possible to help our patients.”

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