February 17, 2021

Please visit our Winter Storm Resources page for information on boil water notices, power outage information, warming center locations and local traffic and weather reports.

February 16, 2021

As you are aware, OakBend activated its Emergency Operations Plan, Level II: Code Grey/Severe Weather plan, in preparation for the wintery weather that blew in.

The low temperatures have brought a mix of snow and freezing rain leaving the roadways dangerous and many people without power. The winter weather will last throughout the week with a break here and there as temperatures occasionally rise above freezing.

The front doors at Jackson Street will be closed so if arriving to work at that campus, please be sure to enter through the Emergency Department entrance.

During a Code Grey, the Essential Personnel Policy is implemented and as such, all employees are required to report to work as scheduled unless otherwise informed by their department leader. Due to the hazardous driving conditions and to insure your safety, we have set up accommodations for you to shelter in the facility if you do not live near the hospital.  If you would like to shelter in any night this week, please notify your department leader so they can make sleeping accommodations for you.

If you choose to shelter in, please bring a “Disaster Bag” with you. Items in your “Disaster Bag” should include:

·         Your hospital ID badge

·         Pillow, sleeping bag or linens and blanket

·         Sleep mask and ear plugs

·         Change of clothing including uniforms and shoes

·         Cell phone charger

·         Personal toiletries

·         Towels and wash cloths

·         Shower shoes

·         Prescription medications

·         Cash and small change for vending machines

·         Nonperishable food items, snacks, and other special dietary requirements

Please be aware that when you are not working your scheduled shift, you should be clocked out. You can hang out in the lobby, conference center or classrooms. Use your phone, play games, sleep in the designated areas, etc. Please refrain from “hanging out on your unit” while you are off the clock.  Patient care areas are for people clocked in and working.

Please refrain from using hospital linens or supplies. During a Code Grey, we have limited supplies and need all that we have for our patients. We also do not provide food to those sheltering in. If the cafeteria is open to the public, you are welcome to purchase food as you would any other day. Otherwise, your choices are the vending machine or what you brought with you.

 Masks must be worn at all times when in public areas with others.

For more information, please call: 281-341-3000