Thank You!

To all who attended, sponsored, and donated, not only their funds but time and talent as well to our 2022 Donuts and Designers Event, we cannot thank you enough!

Thanks to the support of many, we exceeded our fundraising goal! In 2022, our goal was to raise more than we had historically raised with our Power of the Purse event from which the idea for Donuts and Designers originated. In 2021, Power of the Purse raised approximately $6,000.00. Donuts and Designers raised approximately $18,000.00 in funds to purchase updated Endoscopes for our Jackson Street Hospital Campus. Endoscopes are medical devices with a light attached that are used to look inside a body cavity or organ. They allow healthcare workers to diagnose as well as treat patients in a manner that is more efficient and safe, and oftentimes, less painful.

As an independent, non-profit equipment purchases such as these can be made less arduous with the support from outside sources such as the donations and sponsorships we received for this event. This support can also aid us in providing access to this equipment to those who may otherwise not have the financial means normally necessary to do so. With upgraded diagnostic and surgical equipment, we can better serve Fort Bend County and surrounding communities.

Thank You to Our Sponsors!

Hermes (Event) Sponsor

Gurecky Manufacturing Service, Inc

Gucci Sponsors

Kay Danziger

Janice Knight

McDonald & Wessendorff Insurance and Nomad Lounge

Prada Sponsor

May Tape, DDS & Christy Willman

Sue McCarty

Duff & Drozd, PLLC

Abby King

Laura Freudenberger

Tory Sponsor

Kay Garret

Christy Boerger, Algay Wowo, Crystal Garza

Norma Petrosewicz

Purse Sponsors

Kay Danziger

Heather Ekre

Janice Knight

Sue McCarty

Christy Willman

Tama Dorman

Patti Parish-Kaminski

Rhoda Saka

Niki Lassiter

Laurie Dohn

Joseph Freudenberger

Ali McDonald

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