What We’re Doing

• Increasing our Command Center meetings with our executive team to twice per day in order to collaborate and communicate any new updates and changes that are occurring daily.


• Established a COVID-19 specific unit for any positive patients we may encounter while in our facility, located at our Jackson Street Campus. Working on establishing a COVID-19 specific unit at our Williams Way Campus.


• Our staff is on a daily calls with the Department of State Health Services to get updates


•  Developed an emergency plan that includes monitoring the CDC website for current information, sending daily reports to our staff about the current conditions and making sure our patients, visitors and staff are educated on signs and symptoms and ways to protect themselves from Coronavirus.


• Screening all entrants to all of our locations for potential Coronavirus patients. Infection Control is immediately notified if a patient meets criteria. Care for the suspect patient is coordinated with multiple departments at the hospital. Fort Bend County Health & Human Services is notified and consulted throughout the patient’s stay. Our Wharton Hospital Campus notifies the City of Wharton Office of Emergency Management as well as the Wharton County Office of Emergency Management.


• Conducting multiple drills in departments involved in handling any suspect Coronavirus patient (ERs, Patient Access). We are continuously monitoring updates from the CDC and revising our protocols as necessary. Infection Control also attends multiple conference calls every week to stay up to date with the latest developments in the area, region and state. Dr. Sarfraz Aly, our Infection Control Specialist and Dr. Ed Uthman, our pathologist are directly involved in updating protocols.


• OakBend has a separate unit designated for presumptive positive or positive patients that is isolated from all other patients and visitors.


Precautions and Preventative Measures


• ALL staff, physicians and patients are wearing masks while inside the hospital walls.


• Patients with suspected or confirmed coronavirus cases are kept completely separated from other patients in the hospital. In our emergency centers, COVID patients are placed in closed rooms or isolation rooms until transfer.


• Specialized UV air filters are stationed at strategic locations in all three of our emergency centers and hospitals. These UV fans kill any form of airborne virus.


• Hospital inpatients are separated into COVID and non-COVID units, which are on separate floors. COVID units are barricaded with plastic drapes that must be zipped and unzipped upon entry and exit.


• All staff caring for COVID patients wear full PPE when caring for patients, including N95 masks, goggles or face sheilds, coveralls, shoe covers, hair covers and gloves. No PPE is allowed outside of the COVID unit, inside medication or nutrition rooms, or at any nurses’ station.


• Any equipment that is used inside a COVID unit is routinely disinfected with Cavicide wipes, hospital-grade surface disinfectant.


• All doorknobs, chairs, check-in areas and chairs for outpatient Radiology appointments are cleaned and sanitized on a scheduled basis to keep areas clean for patients.


• All radiology imaging areas are cleaned and sanitized in between patients and linen is changed out. Hand sanitizer dispensers are located in all imaging rooms for technicians and patients.


• Appointment times for OakBend Medical Group physicians are spaced out to lessen the number of people inside the office waiting rooms at any given time.


• Exam rooms are routinely sanitized and rotated. No exam room is used twice in a row.


• All office staff are wearing face masks, protective face shields, gloves and shoe covers.


• Telehealth services are being offered to patients to reduce the frequency of in-person meeting.

For more information, please call: 281-341-3000