Benefits of social activity on an ACE Unit

People At Old Age HomeMost people know that as adults age it is important to stay physically fit. Regular physical activity is great for the heart, weight loss and can even lessen chronic pain. Strength and resistance training can build up bone and muscle strength while simultaneously counteracting the frailty that comes from getting older. In addition to physical activity, social activity is a large part of staying healthy while aging.
Social activity can have a major impact on a senior’s overall wellness. For seniors that need surgery or other hospitalization, it is important to seek treatment at an open facility where social interaction is not only possible but encouraged. There are countless benefits of staying social later in life. These benefits are even more important for seniors who have recently undergone surgery. Hospitals that offer Acute Care for Elderly (ACE) Units are highly beneficial, not only for the elderly-specialized healthcare but also for the social aspects they provide.
Benefits of social activity for seniors
Reduces stress – Socializing with friends and family can help lower stress and improve a person’s overall health and mood. A 2012 Study by Statistics Canada reported that older individuals who engaged in regular social activities had higher self-perception and lower levels of loneliness and life dissatisfaction.
Lowers blood pressure – When seniors participate in social activities it has been shown to lower blood pressure and create a greater feeling of contentment. ACE Units urge seniors to socialize after undergoing surgery or treatment.
Improved physical health – Social activity can encourage seniors to live a more active and healthy lifestyle. People tend to eat more and make better food choices when they eat with others. ACE Units have communal dining rooms for patients to interact during meals.
Reduces risk of developing depression – Staying connected with others helps give seniors a sense of purpose and a true sense of belonging. Seniors who have a positive mood are less likely to become depressed.
Reduces risk of developing depression – Staying connected with others helps give seniors a sense of purpose and a true sense of belonging. Seniors who have a positive mood are less likely to become depressed.
Better sleep – Seniors who feel isolated or lonely usually have difficulty sleeping at night. Research shows that people with more fulfilling relationships generally get more and better sleep than those who do not.
Benefits cognitive function – This 2007 Article in the American Journal of Public Health has concluded that older women who maintained large social networks prevented cognitive impairment and reduced their risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s.
Slows mental health decline – According to studies, seniors who are active in social groups like church groups or volunteer organizations have sharper mental skills, even at the age of 50.
Boosted immune system – Studies show that actively social seniors who frequently engage with others have boosted immune systems.
Longer life – Keeping a strong social circle can increase longevity and help seniors live a longer, happier life. Friends and family help individual’s deal with their daily stresses and are often the foundation to helping them live a healthier lifestyle as well.
If you or a loved one is in need of a surgery or treatment make sure to do your research and find a facility that is designed specifically for the needs of seniors. OakBend Medical Center offers the only ACE unit in all of Fort Bend County. Every patient is welcomed at OakBend and social activity is highly encouraged by their highly-trained doctors and staff. Their Acute Care for the Elderly Unit has a communal dining area so all patients can get out of bed and interact with others during all three meals. Moreover, in addition to private sessions, physical therapy is offered in a group setting in the common area to allow for even more socializing. If you would like more information please call 281-341-3000 today. You can also click here to view a virtual tour of OakBend Medical Center’s facility.

For more information, please call: 281-341-3000